Ignas from Lithuania

Name: Ignas Vaidogas

Course: BSc Physics with Medical Physics

Hey! I am Ignas. I am from Vilnius, Lithuania, once a great kingdom with rich historical heritage.  I am in my second year of BSc Physics with Medical Physics. I mainly speak English and Lithuanian but online I can also communicate basic Russian.

While most of my attention is directed towards studies I like to relax by playing guitar and my pedal board. I spend a lot of time listening to music with hi-fi headphones, cooking and playing a few computer games.

Since I was 12, I have been dreaming about working as a physicist, particularly as an astronomer. Over the next few years I started shaping my future plans and decided to find a more challenging, less known and equally interesting course. At first the Medical Physics course title seemed too plain but after some time I realised that mastering and applying it can help people, including my own family and friends. Inventing, improving, fixing medical equipment – I saw a new side of physics application in the world. I personally feel a bit exceptional and proud of what and with what cause I am studying.

Ignas Vaidogas.jpg

Why did you choose to study your course?

What can sound wrong about studying at a world-class university? It is really hard to find a suitable course if you don’t want to repeat after others and seek for something atypical. I was lucky to find a Physics and Medicine combination and at a constantly rising University. The 1st internet-type impression was the geographical area where Sheffield University is based and city it is in. The 2nd most attractive thing was the student feedback. University of Sheffield is among Top 20 universities in the United Kingdom and has one of the best student satisfaction rating. Living in the most suitable surrounding and learning diverse course were my criteria that University of Sheffield aced.

Why did you choose the University of Sheffield?

Being an individual! “Student” might have sounded better but learning something as Medical Physics and being proud of it makes me adore the University of Sheffield for its variety of courses and achievements.

I love friendliness of the people in Sheffield and particularly Uni campus. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the support and feedback I am receiving from the lecturers, tutors and even course comrades.

I also enjoy the fact that Sheffield is one of the best cities in UK for students with low living costs and student satisfaction ratings.

Do you like living in Sheffield?

I sincerely enjoy living in Sheffield. It has some of the best nature scenery in the United Kingdom. If you take bus 53 to Stockbridge, your eyes will thank you for the view! The famous Peak District is right around the corner as well.

Shopping and travelling in Sheffield city centre is really convenient. Buses and trams take you anywhere you want and The Moor, Meadowhall has everything you want.

I have been to other cities in UK and it is clear that Sheffield is the best at prices for accommodation, bills and food. I couldn’t be more satisfied with picking Sheffield as a place to live.

What do you hope to do in the future? 

I wish to work in a hospital as a medical equipment technician or as an individual engineer. I know that University is working on various projects to help graduates find a perfect job. However, I’d also like to have a mini side career as a musician or hi-fi critic.

Sheffield has already provided me with barista experience and it was a blast. Thanks to “Career Connect” I have earned for my summer living costs and learned about high-class coffees, cocktails and bar etiquette.