Suha from Malaysia


Name: Suhashini Sivananthan

Course: MBiolSci Plant Science

Hello! My name is Suhashini and I am a second year Plant Science student. I am from Malaysia, a country that I often refer to as ‘Food Paradise!’

I am someone who is interested in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. After a tough first year, I am aware that I can’t pursue every single one of my interests at the same time, especially alongside my degree. Therefore, for the year ahead I have decided to dedicate my free time to volunteering with the International Student Committee, playing badminton and improving my cooking skills.

Why did you choose to study your course?

I chose plant science because I enjoy the study of plants and I see the potential plants have in various industries. Science itself also allows me to be curious, to question my observations and to chase down the answers. The opportunity to make discoveries, big or small, intrigued me.

Deciding on my degree was difficult because I felt that choosing one area of study meant giving up on other areas I found interest in. I realised later that a science degree actually gives me the analytical and creative skills that are valuable for many potential careers. I also saw that plants have applications in many different areas, therefore I did not feel like my options were limited.
Why did you choose the University of Sheffield?

I chose this university because it met my priorities.

It has a plant science course that is research based from Year 1. I liked the modules that were available to me and I was interested in the ongoing research in my faculty.

The university also has an outstanding Students’ Union with a range of active societies that immediately caught my interest. I could see myself pursuing these interests and getting the support I needed to improve and grow.

Sheffield itself is a green city, surrounded by the Peak District which was a huge bonus.  An outdoor activity in a pleasing environment is not to be underestimated when one needs a break from books.

The fact that this university also offers scholarships to international students reassured me that as an international student, I will be supported here.

What is your favourite thing about being at the University of Sheffield?

My favourite thing about this university is definitely the range of opportunities that are available. Any interests I have; any projects I want to get involved in; any ideas I want to make happen; I know I can find the support I need. The university has always been so willing to answer my questions and give me helpful advice. The opportunities and guidance at this university are amazing!

Do you like living in Sheffield?

 Indeed, I do!

I like how there is always something going on, whether at the university or around the city. There is also constant opportunity for escapes into nature with the Peak District so close to us. To me this city is the best of both worlds!

I am also grateful that there are so many shops near the university and student accommodation. It is easy to get groceries, go to cafe or to just have a day out shopping. I love a good bargain and the many shops give me the opportunity to hunt down the best deals.

What do you hope to do in the future?

I am interested in conducting research in the future. For now, my research goals only include my ambitions in completing a Masters and PhD. I hope to carry out good research than can be used to bring benefits and even be further explored.

I also have a love for writing and passing on knowledge. Hence the idea of communicating science is also a field I would like to look into during my time at university. In my second year, I have planned to improve my writing by getting more feedback from my department’s writing advisory and to also look for writing opportunities at the Students’ Union.


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