Pop from Thailand

Name: Jidapha Fa-arun
Course: Medical Biochemistry

Hi! My name is Jidapha but you can call me Pop. I am a Level 3 student, currently studying Medical Biochemistry in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Department. I am from Thailand, but I spent my secondary education in Penang, Malaysia.

I like reading and watching movies in my own time. I also enjoy the occasional road trip and unexpected journey.

Jidapha Fa-arun.jpg
Why did you choose to study your course? 
I chose to study Medical Biochemistry because I enjoy learning both Biology and Chemistry. I am always fascinated by the relationship between human body and medicine. Medical Biochemistry allows me to explore my interest, understand how the cell behave in sickness and health, and hence apply the knowledge to develop the treatment and medicine for the disease.
Why did you choose the University of Sheffield? 
One of the main reason why I chose University of Sheffield is because it is one of the highly respected universities within the UK. It ranks in the top 100 universities in the world with the best Students’ Union in the UK. The research facilities in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology are great, the staff in the department are experts in their field and the students here get to learn the current trend within biological science regarding what research is going on at the moment. The University of Sheffield offers world-class education with excellent learning experience and I believe that University of Sheffield is the right place for me to prepare myself for my future career.
What is your favourite thing about being at the University of Sheffield?
My favourite thing about the University of Sheffield is how much the university can offer to its students. This ranges from all the facilities to the wide variety of societies. There is a lot of help provided by the university and there are a lot of societies that students can get involved in. Whatever your interest may be, you will always find a society for it.
Moreover, all the staffs in the department are really helpful and friendly. They listen to any concerns students may have in the Staff-Student Meeting. Your personal tutor can also help you with academic-related concerns such as CV.
Do you like living in Sheffield? 
Sheffield is one of the best places that I have ever lived in. I am not a fan of very big cities so Sheffield is just the right size for me. Everything is within walking distance and everyone here is really friendly. The community is also really diverse, there are people from different continents, different countries and different backgrounds expressing their cultures and interacting with each other. The Living costs in Sheffield are relatively lower than other cities and there are lots of green spaces here as well.
What do you hope to do in the future? 
I hope to do a PhD after I graduate. I personally feel that the University of Sheffield has really develop me in various ways. I had a chance to do a research internship as part of the ThinkAhead SURE scheme which has motivated me to want to do a PhD. I realised how much I like working in the laboratory and this is something I really want to pursue in the future. I have also gained a lot of experience through different assignments ranging from essay to group work. I believe that the university would try to prepare you for the future regardless of whichever path you may choose to take. 

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