Mengyuan from China


Name: Mengyuan Qian

Course: Chemistry

I am Mengyuan Qian, a second year student from MChem Chemistry degree. I am from Hebei, China. I went to school in Singapore for 4 years and then after completing A levels I came to Sheffield. So Singapore is my second hometown in a sense. I can speak Mandarin Chinese and English, and I am a beginner of French.

I enjoy hanging out with friends during weekends especially after exams. I enjoy helping others, I was a volunteer at Oxfam bookshop for 3 months where I learned many new skills and I have been teaching maths to secondary school student before their exams. I also enjoy playing sports with my friends.

Why did you choose to study your course?
Since a young age I have seen adults doing many types of experiments like breeding mushrooms in the laboratory, which created a deep curiosity and interest in me. Later in junior high school, I realized that chemistry could be found in many areas in our daily life and such scientific knowledge could explain many life phenomena. Intrigued by the wonders of chemistry, I became more interested in this amazing subject. In addition, my father’s work is closely related to chemistry, and I look up to him because what he did was truly impressive to me.

What is your favourite thing about being at the University of Sheffield?

I choose the University of Sheffield because it is really a nice place to live and to study. First of all, the Chemistry course in Sheffield is one of the best schools who provide the opportunity to have a year-long placement during the undergraduate course. It has cultivated 6 Nobel Prize winners since the establishment of the school in 1828. And it is ranked 80 in the world. Secondly, Sheffield is the 4th biggest city in England, it has convenient transportation, we can walk to almost all destination for shopping and relaxing, buses and trams are everywhere. The natural environment is very well protected and developed. Lastly, the average cost of living in Sheffield is affordable for an international student like me to live here.
I really appreciate the student services at the University of Sheffield. I had already heard about the student union being the No.1 student union in UK before I arrived. During the Orientation Week, the abundant activities provided by the union introduced almost everything a fresher needs to know. They also host lectures especially for international students about life overseas. Moreover, our school not only provides help with studies by offering free English courses and math consultation, but it also provides a platform for us to find job, edit cv and cover letter.

Do you like living in Sheffield?

I do enjoy living in Sheffield, I spent the my first year living with my new friends in the “Sheffield 2” accommodation, the price is a little bit high for me but the living environment is good. The city centre is nearby and there are cinemas as well as a shopping mall. If all students can cook for themselves, the cost of living is not expensive. During leisure time, students can visit the city centre where lots of activities are always taking place. The Peak District is also a good place to enjoy your weekends. Sheffield is a quiet and peaceful place for students.

What do you hope to do in the future?

I would like to become a chemist working in laboratory environment for a company involved in medicine, oil, food or cosmetics. In these companies, I would like a research and development job for new products and to also work as an examiner to test the quality of the products. I worked as a junior assistant in the institution of Genetics& Physiology, Hebei, China and I was responsible for the process of pesticides sample testing as a daily routine. I have regular laboratory session as part of our university curriculum during my first university year which helped a lot to improve my practical skills.

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