Alex from Hong Kong

Name: Alexandra Cheung

Course: BSc Psychology

Hello, my name is Alexandra and I am from Hong Kong. I am currently a third-year BSc Psychology student. I have a variety of interests – reading, volunteering, entrepreneurship, cooking, etc. and in my opinion, there is nothing better than making new friends and having great conversations with them!

In my spare time I am actively involved in a number of societies. For example, I am the President of Entrepreneurs Society and we organise different events for young entrepreneurs. Getting involved in societies has helped me to make new friends and develop various skills, and the experiences have been nothing but amazing.

Tsz Ching Cheung.jpg

Why did you choose to study your course?

Are all Psychology students mind-readers? The simple answer is NO. However, there are many more benefits to studying Psychology.

I chose Psychology because it develops skills that are useful to almost any occupation. Whether you are a doctor, a police officer or an investment banker, you still have to interact with people. And studying Psychology will allow you to understand human motivations and behaviours. As a result, studying Psychology opens the door to almost an infinite number of career options.

Psychology can also help me to become a more well-rounded person. Since Psychology is a huge topic, there are many different fields within the subject. As a result, I am able to gain a broad range of skills and knowledge. For example, I have learned a lot about biology through Neuroscience while I have discovered the importance of social influence through Social Psychology. Also, Psychology students are trained to do statistical analysis. Therefore, this subject is really suitable for anyone who is interested in both Science and Art.

Why did you choose the University of Sheffield?

As an international student, it is important to choose a university that is reputable in my home country. As a member of the Russell group, The University of Sheffield is well-known worldwide and is a world top 100 university. It also has exceptional teaching quality and has established groundbreaking research. It was one of the main reasons why I picked this university.

Another important consideration was the incredible Students’ Union. For 8 years in a row it has been ranked as the “Best Students’ Union in the UK”. There are more than 300 student societies so anyone with any interest could find a society that he or she likes. The union has also organised a lot of amazing events, such as a Harry Potter Studio Trip, Pop Tarts (club nights) and volunteering projects. As a result, students can achieve a good work-life balance.

Finally, the university it is constantly looking for feedback from the students and never hesitates to adjust its policies according to the students’ opinion. Each year students complete an anonymous module evaluation form that helps the university to improve its teaching quality. Personally, I believe that it is important to study at a university that actually cares about students and is constantly trying to grow.

What is your favourite thing about being at the University of Sheffield?

My favourite part of the University of Sheffield is its warm and supportive culture. Everyone is so kind that you always feel like you can make friends effortlessly. It is especially important for me because I am an international student. Before I came to Sheffield, I was really worried about cultural differences and homesickness. But it turns out I settled in so quickly that I did not feel homesick at all. If you have similar concerns as I did, I would recommend that you take part in Orientation Week, which has activities to help you to make friends and understand British culture.

Do you like living in Sheffield?

There is a reason that Sheffield is known as “the largest village in England”. Although it is a big city, it is not busy or crowded at all. I always feel like I can relax and slow down in Sheffield. The crime rate is also really low so I feel quite safe even at night.

Even though it has a small city centre, you can basically buy anything you need. The cost of living is so much lower than other big cities so it is good for anyone with a small budget.

What do you hope to do in the future?

I hope to become an Occupational Psychologist after I graduate. There are many different work opportunities in the university. For example, I did an On-Campus Placement (a paid placement with an academic department), which allowed me to gain work experience and enhance my employability. I also had appointments with a Careers Adviser who helped me to build my CV and explore my career options. Finally, I actually gained my passion for Occupational Psychology after I joined the Entrepreneurs Society. I realised that I like both Business and Psychology and that is why I decide to become an occupational psychologist.


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