Aleksandra from Poland

Name: Aleksandra Nikoniuk

Course: Biochemistry & Genetics

Why did you choose to study your course?

I chose my course at the University of Sheffield because it offered me a lot of flexibility. During first year all lectures are common for all courses in the department. So even after you’ve started if you decide to change your degree, you can easily do that. I also liked the fact that many students at Sheffield are satisfied with the course. There is also an emphasis on laboratory experience which convinced me to study here as it gives advantage when looking for laboratory-based jobs after university.

Why did you choose the University of Sheffield?

Aleksandria Nikoniuk.jpg

When choosing university I considered how well each university performs in the rankings and how student friendly a given place is. Sheffield seemed perfect: great university for studying life sciences, situated in the centre of a medium-sized and green city, it is no more than a 20 minute walk from the accommodation to the campus. Sheffield also has the best Students’ Union in the UK, which offers a great variety of events that suit everyone. I enjoy living in the city, but I also see the advantages of a campus-based uni. Sheffield has the best of both worlds – a compact campus in the centre of the city.

What is your favourite thing about being at the University of Sheffield?

My favourite thing about the University of Sheffield is the Students’ Union. Before coming to Sheffield I didn’t really care about it. It is only once I came to Sheffield and started to enjoy uni life that I began to appreciate how great the Union is. It’s not only a place where you can eat, drink, wait for your lectures or party at night. It is also where you can seek help when it comes to accommodation, student finance or housing. It also organises great events, trips, language courses and other events, which you can participate in.

Do you like living in Sheffield?

Living in Sheffield is a great experience. Student accommodation, university and the city centre are all within walking distance from each other, so I don’t lose time commuting. I especially enjoy the nightlife and music scene in Sheffield. It is also a great place for outdoors activities – the Peak District National Park is somewhere where I’ll be on a sunny weekend. Everyone’s incredibly friendly, both the locals and the international community. Sheffield is a relatively cheap place to live, especially when compared to other parts of Britain.

What job do you hope to do after university?I’m hoping to get a job in either the pharmaceutical industry or the NHS. It would be great to do something with clinical genetics. Straight after university I’m hoping to get accepted on to a graduate scheme and then I will also consider studying for a Masters degree. At the university I had a chance to get some work experience through the ‘Taste of Work’ scheme, which gives students a chance to work for a day somewhere at the university. I worked in the Students’ Advice Centre which gave me a useful insight into how the place works and what everyday life in an office looks like.

What do you hope to do in the future?

In the future I would like to work in pharmaceutical industry, to be involved in drug design and production. I am also considering working in the health service, where  I hope to implement modern diagnostic techniques, hopefully in the field of genetics. I would like to work alongside other health professionals and to be involved in the future of health service.


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