Jasey from Malaysia


Name: Cheeng Wei Jia

Course: Biochemistry

Hi! My name is Wei Jia, but people call me Jacey as well.  I’m a second year Biochemistry student at the University of Sheffield and I’m from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.  I speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean.  I am also learning German at the university.

My hobbies include reading, cooking, watching movies and playing the guitar.  During the weekends, I love to go to the Peak District and have a walk there.  I also love cooking and having dinner together with my friends after walking in the Peak District.

Why did you choose to study your course?

Science has always been my favourite subject since I was young.  I discovered Biology and Chemistry at high school, and they became my favourite subjects instantly.  While doing my A-levels, I found the chemical processes in living organisms very interesting.  When I graduated from college and was deciding what degree to do, I found Biochemistry.  Not only it is the combination of my two favourite subjects, it is also the study of chemical processes in living organisms.  I began doing more research on Biochemistry, like potential jobs and course structure.  That’s when I decided this was the course that I wanted to do.

Why did you choose the University of Sheffield?


After I had decided that Biochemistry was the course I wanted to do, naturally, I started looking at universities.  A lot of universities offer Biochemistry, but with different modules.  Hence, looking at the modules each university provides was the first thing I did.  After looking at all the modules provided, I realised that the University of Sheffield provides the most basic first year modules, and first and second year students were allowed to change to another degree within the department.  I liked the flexibility and started to look more into the University of Sheffield.  The Students’ Union of The University of Sheffield has been voted best for 7 consecutive years and is known for its ‘We Are International’ campaign.  For an international student, like myself, these two things were appealing factors.

What is your favourite thing about being at the University of Sheffield?

My favourite thing about studying at the University of Sheffield is the Students’ Union.  It has an amazing students’ night out every Saturday and also holds big events from time to time.  For example, the World Food Festival and International Cultural Evening.  The Students’ Union also organises trips to places like Edinburgh and Oxford for students at a reasonable price.  I believe that attending university isn’t just about studying, it’s also about having fun and meeting new people.  The Students’ Union has done an absolutely incredible job of keeping up my expectations of the fun university life.

Do you like living in Sheffield?

I absolutely love living in Sheffield, and would never trade anything for that!  Sheffield provides the peacefulness needed for studies and the liveliness to keep life interesting.  The city is at a walkable distance from the campus.  It is full of friendly locals and students, and has almost everything you need.  Being the greenest city in the UK, the fresh air makes my walk to the lecture hall in the morning more enjoyable.  The beautiful Peak District is just a stone’s throw away.  Being a person who loves a good walk, being close to the Peak District is definitely one of my favourite things about being at the University of Sheffield.

What do you hope to do in the future?

I hope to work in either the forensic field as a forensic scientist or in the food industry as an analytical chemist.  As Biochemistry studies the fundamental principles underlying a broad field of science, the career option is believed to be quite broad.  Although I haven’t had any work experience that is directly related to my field of study, I have acquired a lot of transferrable skills throughout my course.  For example, time management skills, team work and responsibility.  If possible, I would also like to further my studies by studying for a Masters in Biochemistry.

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